What is YILLIO™®?

YILLIO™® is a social GPS helping everyone discover, save and share favorite places and deals along their routes. In real-time, merchants share specials, promotions, coupons, events, and gas prices so everyone can see what’s happening along the way and where they may want to stop.

Underlying YILLIO™® is a sophisticated patented route-based social network that uses location, navigation and a variety of contextual inputs to match mobile consumers with relevant places, offers and discounts.

The YILLIO™® Road Map

Whether you are on your daily commute, or just cruising around your neighborhood or traveling to or thru another, you are passing good deals and fun things to do along your way and don’t even know it: with YILLIO™® merchants share real-time money saving promotions, specials, coupons, cheap gas prices and fun events.

YILLIO’s GPS route planning and merchant reported promotions allows you to plan where you want to stop in between your start and your destination.

YILLIO™® lets you connect with your friends: quickly send an invitation to your friends, family, and colleagues to let them know where you are going to stop and offer them the same special or coupon you are going to use: Trying to find a place to meet up with multiple friends? YILLIO™® makes it easy. Simply download YILLIO™® for free, pick your route and your friends’ info, and they will be invited to meet up and even to share in whatever you find along your route.

YILLIO™® is private and fun: Privately share your daily routes, favorite stops, and specials and coupons you find along your route with your friends and family. Perfect for planning your next progressive dinner!

YILLIO™® is great for meeting friends spontaneously at a restaurant, bar, a big sale or a fun event - with a click, you can instantly share YILLIO™® with your contacts via Facebook and Twitter.

YILLIO™® U.S. PATENT #8.285.696